The so called gyms today came into existence in ancient Greece initially. The word gymnasium is derived from the Greek word “gymnos” which means naked. The early gymnasiums were only open to males and all exercises were done naked. “Nasium” in Latin means school or public place. So the early gymnasiums were schools for naked exercises.

Ancient Gymnasia usually consisted of a large exercise yard surrounded by a series of outhouses including changing rooms, practice rooms and baths. Athletes wore no clothes and it was common practice for them to oil or dust their bodies before and after taking part in sports activities.The gymnasium industry sprung up post the 1990s, where fitness was associated with gyms and people made it their priority. More gyms were founded, including Lifetime Fitness in 1990, Equinox Fitness in 1991, and Virgin Active in 1999.

National fitness campaigns were started in China prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics with the introduction of outdoor gyms. These gyms blended the ideas of jogging paths and obstacle courses, in addition to open areas where people could do a variety of exercises. Such gyms were widely accepted and over 37 million square feet of outdoor gymnasiums were built across China from 1998 to 2008. Participation levels in physical activity steadily increased since the outdoor gym concept was introduced.

Present day gymnasiums have got sophisticated instruments like dumbbells, treadmill, stationary bicycle, training bench, barbell set, rowing machine, low-impact treadmills, ellipticals. These basic gym equipments listed are suitable for beginners, young athletes, seniors. These gyms are a  way too  much developed than naked gymnasiums where people are well dressed in their respective attires like a trainer has got his /her gym shoes and track pants while the people who come for the gym are dressed in their comfortable clothes to exercise.

In the last decade, these gyms have improved so much such that many people set it up at home. They leave a huge space in some corner of the house to accommodate gym equipments and other necessary items to regularly exercise. They are provided with a beginner’s guide that teaches how to use each and every instrument at home. Regular exercises at home include Lat Pull-down, Seated row, Bench Press, Leg Press, Assisted Pull-up, Using a Smith Machine, Cable Machine.

There are both Unisex gyms and individual gyms separately for men and women. It is upto the comfort of the user to choose the kind of gym they wanted. It creates a positive atmosphere when you do group fitness exercises. Though there are trainers for individual members like celebrities, athletes and other fitness freaks, the aura is maintained as the moto of every member there is to stay fit and strong. Some people prefer morning fitness while few of them like to attend evening gym. Also there are people who exercise both in the morning and evening.

Modern Gyms have got large rooms , usually containing special equipment ,where people go to do physical exercises and stay fit. Gyms now-a-days have got exercise bikes and running machines.While some guests play golf, others workout in hotel gym. The large gym offers a variety of exercise equipment and weights going upto 100 pounds. Most of the gyms are associated with fitness centres and health spa as it will be a relaxing time after strenuous exercises. This kind of evolution of gymnasiums to gyms have shown tremendous awareness in people who decide to stay fit. So it is advisable to anyone to exercise right and stay healthy.

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